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Training overview

Have you felt the longing in your heart to connect with what God is doing in the Nations? Our desire is to help you find your place in the Greatest Commission of all - to GO into ALL the world!
All levels of our training are birthed from the conviction that we have been called out to radically follow Jesus, and be equipped to engage the world with the transforming power of His gospel.

Discipleship Training School

At YWAM Wollongong the axis around which all of our work revolves is the area of discipleship. Our endeavor is to be disciples of Jesus that disciple the Nations. The gateway through which this journey begins is our Discipleship Training School (DTS). Successful completion of a DTS is a pre-requisite for further involvement in YWAM either as a student in a secondary school or YWAM staff.

In addition to the classic Emerge DTS, we also run special focus Discipleship Training Schools. The intention of the special focus DTS is to gather like-minded people in a DTS environment promoting specialised input and helping to facilitate focused discussion.

Secondary Schools

We also desire for our training to extend beyond the foundation of the DTS. Every secondary level school we run exists to be a multiplier for missions activity by challenging us to grapple with the complexities of transformation in a globalized, 21st century world.

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